Merchant Story

Baba Beng – A Nyonya kuih homebase seller

20 March 2021

4 min read

Our challenge with online delivery is that the the long distance delivery. We have customers who are beyond delivery radius and willing to top up for delivery (We have had customers as far as Sepang and Rawang who wanted to try our Nyonya Kaya and Kuihs) The latest campaign by SSL has helped resolved all this issues and its much easier for customers to order, and for us to deliver.

Has the SSL campaign benefited your business? If yes, how so?

“Yes for sure. With the ongoing campaigns of order and delivery discounts, customers enjoy greater savings on their pockets, especially during this hard hit times.”

Has the SSL campaign changed your opinion towards digital adoption? If yes, how so?

“The SSL campaign made us realise that digital adoption can be a smooth and convenient process, not just via B2B but with B2C as well”

Merchant Story
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