Innovation from within

Acknowledging the talent and creativity of our human capital, Maybank initiated its inaugural ‘crowd-sourcing’ innovation platform back in 1996. Originally known as the Innovation Proposal Award (IPA), it later evolved to become the President’s Innovative Ideas Award (PIIA) in 2011 with the objectives of recognising best ideas amongst Sectors, raising innovation awareness throughout the Group, and encouraging greater participation in the Innovation Programme. Over the years, the programme gained regional traction as exhibited in the growing involvement from our overseas counterparts; thus complimenting market-specific innovation initiatives such as i-Talk business challenges in Singapore and forthcoming innovation competitions in BII and MPI. Several winning ideas have been implemented to-date which is a testament to the Group’s commitment to generate value-creation from such engagement initiatives.

Concurrently, through ideation workshops, Maybank has embarked on the next steps towards generating impactful innovation by adopting a more focused approach to ideation anchored around key business areas deemed as strategic to the Group. This approach  harnesses the talent and capabilities of our Maybankers across the Group to generate potentially new sources of sustainable competitive advantages for Maybank.

As we further evolve and mature in our innovation journey, the Group recognises the need  to continuously refine and expand such programmes. This would truly bode well with our commitment towards achieving business sustainability that is both humanising and differentiated.