We strive to uphold ethical and responsible marketplace practices through three key principles: providing people with access to funding, offering fair terms and pricing, and advising customers based on their needs.

    To achieve these ends, we have the most extensive financial network in Malaysia with 392 branches as of end of 2011. In remote rural areas, we provide mobile bus banking and in certain areas, we are the only bank within the vicinity. We also have the nation’s biggest Internet banking presence with a 55% market share.

    How else do we promote an ethical marketplace?

    Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Relationships Management (CRM) is treated as a core function. We have invested in an Analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) system which enables us to go beyond meeting customers’ current expectations, allowing us to anticipate their future needs in a proactive manner. To verify that customer’s needs are consistently being met, we conduct External Customer Engagement Survey (ECES). Any form of customer feedback received is then managed and if necessary, appropriate remedial measures and improvement initiatives are taken.

    Accessible Banking for the Disabled
    To meet the banking needs of wheelchair-bound customers, We have 16 disabled-friendly branches in Malaysia (as of 2011)which offer more convenient access to banking facilities by way of easy-access parking areas and ramps.

    In addition to these 16 Maybank Malaysian branches, all Maybank Philippines branches are wheelchair-accessible. These are all part of Maybank’s ongoing service transformation initiative to raise service standards and empower the communities we serve.

    Environmentally Friendly Products
    In November 2011, Maybank Ventures launched a US$500 million Clean Energy Fund which aims to tap into the growing interest in clean and renewable energy. The 10-year private equity fund is a series of diversified portfolios of clean energy projects in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

    In addition, we also support the Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) that was established by the Malaysian government to promote green technology investments.

    Dow Jones Sustainability Asia/Pacific Index (DJSI)
    Established in 2009, the DJSI aims to track the performance of companies from the seven developed markets in the Asia/Pacific region that lead the field in terms of corporate sustainability. In 2010, it was rated by SustainAbility as one of the most credible sustainable rating approach amongst over 100 rating organisations.

    For the DJSI 2012 Assessment, the 40 largest companies in terms of market value that are listed on Bursa Malaysia were invited to participate. Only three Malaysian companies did so – Maybank was one of them.