Financial Reporting

When does Maybank release its financial results?
Maybank releases its financial results every fiscal quarter, about one and a half months to two months after the financial quarter end. The dates for the financial results announcements are in the Financial Calendar.

When does Maybank declare dividends?
Maybank declares its dividends during the interim half year end and final financial year end, subject to approval by the Board. More information on dividends can be found here.

How can I download quarterly and annual reports?
You can download the quarterly reports here and annual reports here.

Where can I download Maybank’s latest analyst briefing presentations?
You can download the presentations here.

Corporate Information

When was Maybank incorporated and listed?
Malayan Banking Berhad was incorporated on 31 May 1960 and opened for business in Kuala Lumpur on 12 September 1960. It was listed on Bursa Malaysia (then Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) on 17 February 1962.

Who are on Maybank’s Board of Directors?
Information on the Board members can be found here.

Who are the key management executives of Maybank?
Maybank's President & CEO is Datuk Abdul Farid bin Alias (appointed on 2 August 2013). Information on the Executive Committee can be found here.

What is Maybank’s vision and mission?
Our Vision: Advancing Asia’s Ambitions With You
Our Mission: Humanising Financial Services

What is Maybank’s corporate strategy?
Our Maybank2020 strategic objectives are:

  1. The Top ASEAN Community Bank
  2. The Leading ASEAN Wholesale Bank Linking Asia
  3. The Leading ASEAN Insurer
  4. The Global Leader In Islamic Finance
  5. Digital Bank Of Choice

More information on our strategy can be found here.

What are Maybank’s activities on corporate governance, corporate responsibility and sustainability?
Please refer to the following sections on Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility. For further information Maybank's Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, please refer to the Maybank Foundation website here and the Sustainability Reports here.

Where can I get a list of Maybank’s subsidiaries?
The list of Maybank's subsidiaries can be found here in the individual country detail page.

What is Maybank's credit rating?
Maybank's current credit rating is listed here.

Maybank’s business

What is Maybank principal business?
Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) is principally engaged in all aspects of commercial banking and related financial services. The subsidiaries are principally engaged in the businesses of banking and finance, Islamic banking, investment banking including stock broking, underwriting of general and life insurance, general and family takaful, trustee and nominee services, asset management and venture capital.

What are Maybank’s key business segments and products and services it offer ?
The Group's business segments comprise of Community Financial Services, Global Banking, International Banking, Insurance and Takaful, and Islamic Banking.

  • Community Financial Services is the retail banking arm of the Bank, serving individual, Retail SME and Business Banking customers.
  • The Global Banking segment includes Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Transaction Banking (with four lines of business: Cash Management, Trade & Supply Chain Financing, Financial Institutions and Securities Services i.e. trustee and nominee services). Global Markets (providing treasury service including Foreign Exchange, Money market, Fixed Income Markets, Derivatives and structured products) and Asset Management.
  • International Banking includes commercial banking business operations in 19 countries including all 9 ASEAN countries outside Malaysia (Singapore and Indonesia being the largest markets) and rest in strategic markets including Greater China, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the United states.
  • Insurance and takaful segment provides all classes of general and life insurance, general takaful and family takaful and offshore investment life insurance.
  • Islamic Banking leverages on the Group's infrastructure and network to offer end-to-end Shariah compliant financial solutions.

What is Maybank’s geographical reach?
Maybank’s main presence is in South East Asia, with offices in all 10 ASEAN countries, as well as branches in key financial centres.

Apart from Maybank’s home markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, the Group has presence in Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR, The People’s Republic of China, Bahrain, Thailand, India, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Myanmar, United Kingdom, and United States

Maybank stock

What is Maybank's investment case? Why should I invest in Maybank stock?
Please refer to our investment case here.

What is Maybank’s fiscal year end?
Maybank’s financial year ends on 31 December. Before 31 December 2011, Maybank's financial year end was on 30 June.

Where is Maybank listed?
Maybank’s common stock is listed on Bursa Malaysia, the official Malaysian stock exchange.

What is Maybank’s stock symbol?
Maybank’s common stock on Bursa Malaysia is traded under the ticker symbol MYX:1155
Maybank’s American Depository Receipts (ADR) has the ticker MLYBY US on Bloomberg and MAY MK on Reuters.

How can I get information on Maybank on Reuters and Bloomberg services?
Information on Maybank can be accessed via the ticker MBBM KL for Reuters and MAY MK Equity for Bloomberg.

How can I get the current Maybank stock price?
Current and historical stock prices of Maybank’s common stock can be found on our stock quote page and on the Bursa Malaysia website.

How do I buy Maybank stock?
Interested individuals can purchase Maybank stock through stock brokers who are members of Bursa Malaysia which are listed here. Maybank does not sell common shares directly. However, Maybank Investment Bank can also advise investors on the purchase of Maybank shares.


What is Maybank’s dividend policy?
Maybank has a long-term dividend policy of between 40% and 60% dividend payout ratio based on the reported net profit attributable to shareholders. More information on dividends can be found here.

How can I participate in Maybank’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan?
Information on the Dividend Reinvestment Plan can be found here.


More Information

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